Thor brand

Thor brand

The name Thor refers to the god of thunder who creates order out of chaos. The “Genk” connection can be found in football/soccer. The local top club KRC Genk emerged from a fusion of two former local teams, Thor Waterschei and KFC Winterslag.

The logo of Thor unites past, current and future in a powerful visual language.


The yellow and black of Thor Waterschei and the lightning symbol from Germanic mythology refer to what is past. The name "Thor" to what is today, and the baseline “RE: INVENT" to what the project will be: a centre of future innovation, and an invitation for research and entrepreneurship.


"RE:" refers to the subject prefix in response to an e-mail. It refers to the integration of new media, but also to the fact that the site will be up-to-date at any time.


The lightning symbol in the logo stands for energy, and the graphic style element is inspired on “coal”.