The city of Genk bought the former mine site of Waterschei from the LRM investment company in 2006.


The city subsequently proceeded with carrying out the necessary construction and conversion works, such as road and utility construction, parking lots and surroundings. Those works were finished in 2010.


The development of Thor Park is part of Genk’s vision on economic development. Genk made a successful transition from a mining to an industrial economy, a transition that led to the development of the regional urban area Hasselt-Genk in which Genk plays an active role and which is widely recognised as a dynamic entity that develops leading projects in various domains.


As to secure and to strengthen the future economic role of the city and the whole region, Genk now focuses on the transition from a manufacturing industry to an innovative manufacturing and knowledge economy.


Thor park will be acting as an important lever in the transition to a more knowledge-oriented economy. Thor will profile Genk as smart technology city of the future.