Talent development

Talent development

The T2 campus or technology-talent campus will offer education, training and related services in (innovative) technology and will contribute to the positive image of technology and technical education.



The T2-campus will cover the full training ladder. That means education, training and services for:

  • children and young people in education (primary, secondary and higher). In the initial phase, special attention will be given to technical secondary education.
  • (young) adults during their professional career (employed and unemployed)
  • teachers and trainers in technology talent
  • entrepreneurs and companies


The T2 will launch in Q4 2017 and will focus initially on 4 clusters:

  • ICT : ICT, gaming, design & 3D
  • Electro: electronics, electricity, maintenance
  • (new) Energy: energy, heating and cooling
  • (new) Materials: metal, wood, construct

This starting offer will gradually be renewed.